Corporate Overview

Aria Conversion Energy (ACE) is lawfully established and registered in Tehran, Iran, under the No. 551218 as a Consultant Company in oil, gas and petrochemical fields.

Detailed Engineering Design

Detailed Engineering Design

At this stage, we delve into every detail, including detailed engineering drawings, equipment specifications, material lists, and more, ensuring the smooth implementation of your project.


Iran's Oil Output Rises by 60%


Know more: Switching fuel from natural gas to hydrogen in gas turbine power plants

The concerns over greenhouse gas emissions, environmental impacts, climate change, and sustainability continue to grow. As a result of countermeasures, many modern gas turbine power plants and combined cycle power plants are considering to use hydrogen as a clean fuel alternative to fossil fuels in the power plant industry. (In this regard for more information, please refer to research article "AIMS Energy, 12(2): 464–480")